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Freedom of Information Act Services

The Freedom of Information Act (FOI) allows companies to access government information that can support your competitive intelligence efforts. For example, FOI can be used to:

  • Confirm the price of incumbent contracts
  • See how revenue a competitor gets from different government departments
  • Cross-reference your own competitive intelligence assumptions

However, many companies prefer the discretion of using a 3rd party to make their requests. Amplio will make requests on your behalf and help construct questions that are most likely to get the information you want. Government departments have 20 days to respond to FOI requests. Therefore, asking the wrong question will cause lenghty delays getting the information you need.  

FOI is one of several information sources that can help you make better, evidence-based decisions. Amplio can also provide financial statement analysis of competitors, customer spending analysis and perform primary research. Our Competitive Intelligence Maturity profile is shown below. Most organisations are stuck in the first two boxes. This is where competitive intelligence consists of ad hoc reporting that is too high-level to inform bidding decisions. Amplio ensure you have all the facts when you have critical decisions to make. 


Below: Organisational Competitive Intelligence Maturity


Please contact us if you have a competitive intelligence requirement. We can provide the analysis for evidence-based decisions that help you win more.

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