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Arrisca Web Demo

Arrisca will help any of these problems:

  • You need to audit Excel spreadsheets, but lack the time
  • Your spreadsheets might contain mistakes & risky assumptions
  • You want to quickly understand how a spreadsheet was built

If you recognise these, take a look at Arrisca.

Review a Price, Forecast or Estimate

Imagine the next time somebody presents a figure to you and asks for your approval. You don’t have time to go through every cell. So where do you focus your attention? Arrisca will quickly show you the top 20 drivers that make up the figure. By questioning the assumptions behind these, you establish credibility in the final figure. Furthermore, Arrisca allows you to adjust the inputs for ‘What-If’ analysis and heatmap Excel to check for mistakes.

Arrisca is available from annual licences on a server or desktop / laptop. A cloud subscription will be available in late 2014. Use the link below for a Free Trial. With your Free Trial you can:

  • Identify the  top 20 drivers in any spreadsheet
  • Perform ‘What If’ analysis on any driver
  • Heat-map the spreadsheet to check un-used or working cells

Arrisca Free Trial - click here