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Proposal Generation

Qorus Breeze for Proposal Generation

What problems does Qorus Breeze solve?

Qorus Breeze will help any of these problems:

  • You are often asked repetitive bid or Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) questions
  • You need to respond quicker to PQQ’s and bids
  • It is difficult to find best-practice good examples from similar bids

If you recognise these, take a look at Qorus Breeze.

Qorus Breeze is a document automation software that provides bid writers with a first draft answer to common bid questions. This saves time and improves best-practice re-use rather than reinventing the wheel. Industries producing smaller, similar bids will find they can generate the entire proposal document using Qorus Breeze. These industries include financial services, Telecoms & Professional Services. Other industries like Aerospace & Defence, Construction & Transport will find Qorus Breeze better for PQQ’s. Qorus Breeze is the only proposal management software that embeds into SharePoint. It is well known for having one of the best and most user-friendly interfaces.

How does Qorus Breeze work?

Responding to PQQ’s is inherently repetitive. Most customers will ask about your financial standing, quality processes and some past-references. Proposal automation tools allow you to store and retrieve good example answers to these questions. You can still edit the answers afterwards. Every time your organisation responds to a PQQ or bid, Qorus Breeze will store your RFP response and proposal document for later re-use.

Once your customer document arrives you can:

  • Search your bid library for best practice answers
  • Assign questions to be completed by other users
  • Add attachments to build your RFP response

The capability is not just limited to PQQ’s and Bids. It’s applicable to any predictably structured document where the author benefits from quickly locating a good example. This includes Capture Plans, Bid Management Plans and Project Management Plans.

Retrieve Best Practice answers: Most authors work better from first draft rather than a blank sheet. A bid library and proposal generator enables your bid writers to complete questions quicker. It also improves quality because they can see a good example answer, then tailor it to the specific customer.


Below: Copy and paste customer questions into the search bar and see the suggested answers on the right

Qorus Breeze Document Automation Sales Enablement


Assign questions to authors: Assign the questions to different authors and manage the work flow within Qorus Breeze. Qorus Breeze has all the features you would expect from proposal writing software to manage the document generation process. Set specific questions to authors with dates for completion and email reminders. Track the completion of the PQQ or bid for a smoother production process.


Below: Assign customer questions to authors and manage the work flow

Qorus Breeze Proposal Management Software Proposal Generator


Add attachments: Qorus Breeze makes it easy to collate response documents together. For example you can add your company accounts and ISO certificates to the PQQ.


Below: Add attachments and annexes to your document

Qorus Breeze Document Automation Software Document Generation

How can I try Qorus Breeze?

Qorus Breeze is available with permanent server licences or an annual cloud subscription. Please contact us to request a demo then have a free trial. Qorus Breeze is the only document automation software to embed into Microsoft SharePoint. It is also renowned for its simple user-interface. This reduces the training effort and improves sales enablement. With Qorus Breeze you can:

  • Automate responses to common PQQ & Bid questions
  • Give bid writers a first draft response to edit and hit the ground running
  • Quickly find best practice answers for knowledge sharing
  • Build a bid library of good examples for later re-use

Demo Qorus Breeze - click here