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Spreadsheet Audit

Arrisca for Estimating Audit

What problems does Arrisca solve?

Arrisca will help any of these problems:

  • You need to audit Excel spreadsheets, but lack the time
  • Your spreadsheets might contain mistakes & risky assumptions
  • You want to quickly understand how a spreadsheet was built

If you recognise these, take a look at Arrisca.

Arrisca will saves time and improves estimating accuracy. Arrisca will find the assumptions in Excel books that you need to know for price review, estimates & forecasts. Imagine the next time somebody presents a figure to you and asks for your approval. You don’t have time to go through every cell. So where do you focus your attention? Arrisca will quickly show you the top 20 drivers that make up the figure. By questioning the assumptions behind these, you establish credibility in the final figure. Furthermore, Arrisca allows you to adjust the inputs for ‘What-If’ analysis and heatmap Excel to check for mistakes.

Arrisca represents spreadsheet best practice. It is widely used to check Excel assumptions in estimate & price reviews. It is mandated for use by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Cost Assurance and Analysis Service (CaaS) for all single-source price reviews.

How does Arrisca work?

Arrisca is risk analysis software that quickly unpicks a total figure (e.g. Price, estimate or forecast). It analyses the 20 cells with the greatest contribution to the total figure. At Amplio, we always use Arrisca to validate our Price to Win models. When we do a Price to Win, we don't want any single input driving more than 5% of the Price to Win. This is really important for accuracy and Arrisca is the quickest way to quality check our models.


Below: Arrisca quickly shows the top 20 drivers and allows ‘What If’ scenarios

Arrisca audit excel price review spreadsheet risk


Arrisca can also heat-map Excel for:

  • Cells that contribute to the total figure
  • Cells that do not contribute to the total figure
  • One of the top 20 contributors to the total figure

This helps audit spreadsheet risk and identify mistakes. In the picture below, the top row was inserted after the formula was created. Therefore, it sits outside of the formula and is not contributing to the total. It shows up red to flag to the user a potential mistake.


Below: Arrisca allows you to heatmap Excel to check for mistakes

Arrisca heatmap exel heat-map excel price review

How can I try Arrisca?

Arrisca is available from annual licences on a server or desktop / laptop. Use the link below for a Free Trial. With your Free Trial you can:

  • Identify the top 20 drivers in any spreadsheet
  • Perform ‘What If’ analysis on any driver
  • Heat-map the spreadsheet to check un-used or working cells

Check out our Arrisca Training videos to see it in action and to help your Free Trial.

Arrisca Free Trial - click here