Премини към основното съдържание

Introduction to the Defence Industry

The Aerospace & Defence industry is the largest employer of engineers. Every year graduates and apprentices join the industry and experienced hires join from other industries. However, it can take a long time to get familiar with the history, terminology and who is who. That's why this course gives participants a solid foundation of knowledge that would normally take months to accumulate.

This is a general course aimed at anyone new to the Aerospace and Defence industry. The course learning outcomes are:

  • Understand who the most influential countries in Defence are and why
  • Understand who the most influential private companies in Defence are
  • Learn about key events and milestones that have shaped the Defence industry
  • Understand technology development and systems engineering principles
  • Understand the acquisition cycle of procuring Defence equipment

The course is designed and delivered by Amplio. This one-day overview will equipt participants with knowledge that would take months to gather alone.

Figure 1: The Top 10 World Defence Budgets 2014

Please contact us if your organisation would like to arrange a private course. We recommend this course when an organisation has over 6 new starters who do not have experience in the Industry.

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