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Bid Compass Web Demo

Bid Compass will help any of these problems:

  • A difficulty qualifying Bid / No Bid decision
  • Don’t have an integrated view of your bid pipeline and plans
  • Struggle to track and audit the progress of a tenders

If you recognise any of these, take a look at Bid Compass.

Improve Bid Qualification 

In our Bid Technology survey, Bid Managers flagged better Bid / No Bid decisions as the quickest way to improve bid performance. Bid Compass helps achieve this with its structured, repeatable methodology that can be customised for your organisation. 


Better Win Loss Analysis and Lessons Learnt 

Its very difficult to do an objective post-bid analysis once the result is known. This means it's hard to learn lessons and improve performance next time. Bid Compass helps by capturing the bid status as its happening. This helps identify why certain decisions were made and what information they were based on. This is incredibly valuable when doing win / loss analysis later.

Bid Compass is available on your server or with a hosted cloud subscription. Please contact us for a demo. Bid Compass will save time managing your bid pipeline. It helps make better, data driven decisions. You'll see how Bid Compass enables you to:

  • Implement a standard approach to qualifying bids & proposals
  • Objectively score and qualify you probability of winning the bid
  • Put in place corrective actions to improve the win probability
  • Compare historical data and qualify out bids that yield low returns

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